About us

Are you a game distributor
looking for innovative projects
with potential to achieve success?


Or maybe you run a business
and you would like to offer your customers
a specially dedicated game
to strengthen the relationship with them?


Did you catch an interesting idea
for a game and need
talented people to pursue it?

As a few on the market we provide:


Product prototyping


In the initial phase of our cooperation the customer receives the product prototype, and he determines in which direction he wants to develop it

Creative and innovative approach


Our young team perfectly knows how to deal with a rapidly changing trends in the virtual world. This ensures that you will always have the highest quality product

Extensive range of programming

A team of experienced programmers and graphic designers perfectly cope with different challenges. Both the small and the large


With us you can certainly afford to realize your dreams.

We offer two variants of cooperation:


For those who expect low-cost products


For those who want to actively participate in the project

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